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SAARBRÜCKEN An ancient family with widely spread branches in many districts. In their origins they came out of the Ardennes region, and were a powerful influence in the area between Belgium and Luxembourg on the one hand, and the Rhine on the other.
SAFFENBERG (sometimes spelled Saffenburg) A lordship just inside the northern boundary of Rheinland-Pfalz State in the Eifel; the castle of Saffenberg, now a ruin, is in the village of Mayschoss, 11 miles (18 km.) south of Bonn - Remagen, the place where Allied troops first crossed the Rhine in WWII, is 9 miles (14½ km.) to the east. 

SALM An old family with roots in the Ardennes region of far-western Germany and Belgium - a branch, in fact, of the dynasts in the previous article, Saarbrucken.

SAXONY (Sachsen) There have been two different Saxonies; the older, located in northwestern Germany, was disrupted and the lands dispersed to local rulers in the 12th century, owing to the bitter feud between Duke Henry the Lion and the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The newer, located in Lusatia and Thuringia, arose from the expansion of territories in that region by successors to the elder state. The Electoral dignity being confirmed in 1356, Saxony was raised to the status of a kingdom in 1806.




SCHWARZBURG In Thuringia. An old family of local Counts whose several branches were raised to princely status in the 17th and 18th centuries. They survived the Napoleonic interruptions without being mediatized.

SCHWARZENBERG A Roman Catholic family in Saxony, with extensive if scattered lands in Austria, Bohemia, Swabia, and the Rhineland.






STERNSTEIN A minor suffragal countship in Bavaria, granted to the Princes Lobkowicz, an old Bohemian family.


See entry in Central Europe file.


SWABIAAn important Duchy in southwestern Germany, the heartland of Hohenstaufen power during the 12th century. The Duchy was broken asunder at the end of that era, and in its place arose a number of local states, most notably Baden and Wurttemberg.