These are the basic written sources Bruce or the Regnal Chronologies associates have used to acquire the information. Sources developed over the internet are to be found on the Links page.

Documentation is a vital part of the work here - without it, the material is just a mass of unattributed claims. We strongly encouraged anyone who has additional data they would like to be considered, or corrections they feel need to be made, to contact us with it - but in so doing we urge potential contributors to provide the source they found that information in, so that it can be passed on to others. In so doing, the information itself and the site in general is made stronger. Standard bibliographic entries need the title, author name, publisher, and date at minimum.

[Burton] Note: As part of converting this page to modern format and as usual in these endeavors, the original was perfect and any errors introduced are all my fault. No electrons were created nor destroyed in this conversion, but many trillions were inconvenienced.

No effort was expended to convert these to current MLA citation standards. Y'all are welcome to contribute that effort - just contact the webmasters to volunteer.




The following are works that we have not reviewed personally, but which were cited by Bruce's various associates or other correspondents whose additions and corrections form much of this work. Without the generous assistence of many people around the world, this project would not be anything like as complete or as accurate as it is, and therefore the works consulted by such individuals need to be recognized.

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"WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information."

For this bibliography, during the conversion WorldCat entries were minimally researched and added to most entries. Once the rhythm was established, this added only a few seconds to the conversion of each entry and will hopefully provide a vastly improved product. The conversion overall took 45 seconds plus each. A few titles were expanded in this text to match the WorldCat catalog entry. Where the transcriber recognized a frequently updated work and was pretty certain it was the right one, the WorldCat link is to a list of editions and the publication date was changed to "(some editions)", "(many editions)" or similar wording. There were times where WorldCat returned several possible matches, but no exact match to Bruce's citation. In those cases the link is to a general search for title/author, what you seek is likely in that small list.

A weakness of WorldCat is that many different libraries contribute and thus many subtle differences in style and format emerge. Strubbe's De chronologie... is listed as Egied J Strubbe published in 1960 and Egied I Strubbe published in 1991. Your transcriber is pretty sure that all eleven items listed here are the same English "book":

And that there are other slight differences.

Often times the experts (or algorithms) at WorldCat seem to put this together. But not always. If you go looking for "The Numismatic Scrapbook", you find this which is only represented in 4 libraries. If you search for "Numismatic Scrapbook", you find this which is held in 34 libraries. I would hate for a bad search to send you off to Minnesota when it's also available in Dallas. This is why I rarely took the time to zero down to what I *thought* was the perfect catalog entry. YMMV.

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