A Tribute to Bruce Gordon

Bruce R. Gordon from a Facebook posting of his passing

Regnal Chronologies is an invaluable reference for collectors of coins, paper money and those generally interested in history.

The site was a labor of love for many years (from at least 1997) by the late Bruce R. Gordon (obsidian at raex dot com) of Akron, Ohio.

In 2012, Bruce wrote "When I first started this project, I intended to update it on a regular basis - at least once per calendar month. Recently, I have been unable to maintain that standard, owing to poor health and some other circumstances which have made life more challenging. I apologize to my readers, and hope that this will show that I am still actively pursuing this study when I can. I will continue to add and update as often as I am able, and should I become unable for any reason to work on the site, I will indicate that here. To those of you who wrote, asking after me, my great thanks for your concern and interest."

The last substantative changes appear to be from 2015, with a few changes made more recently (updating the list of US Presidents through 2020 for example).

Bruce passed away due to CHF on August 7th, 2020 at age 69. As Baron Nigel FitzMaurice de Caer Anor of The Barony of Brendoken, Bruce was active in The SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism). A posting in an SCA Facebook group and an Akron, OH death notice record his passing.

Thankfully this wonderful resource has survived his passing. There are many versions of Regnal Chronologies preserved in the internet archive, starting here

More usefully, when the EveryCountry.io group was made aware of Bruce's passing (because the Regnal Chronologies site went dark), members of the community were able to retrieve a copy and are now hosting it within members' web spaces.

What remains to be done is to figure out how to maintain the site and add newer information without it becoming a full-time hobby project. Contact the author of this tribute through the EveryCountry group or at info at regnal dot FelisCatus dot org to discuss some ideas.




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